The Andrews Tree
Historical Genealogy – 300 Years
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Contemporary Genealogy – 100 Years
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The Pemberton Tree

Pemberton Genealogical Tree – 300 Years
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Historical Genealogy

In the right column you will see (1) A SEARCH BOX, in case you are looking for someone in particular, and below is a (2) TREE so that you can explore the entire family tree at a glance. (3) If you wish to explore with an expandable tree, use the one to the right.

These pages are registered and maintained by Robert Bruce Andrews, Son of Dan Harrison, Son of John Harrison, Son of Albert, Leonard, Charles, Richard and Charles.

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About RobertAndrews.org

There are branches in this genealogical site that DO NOT tie back to the root. In the case of the Andrews Family, that is Charles Andrews (circa 1779) or Patrick Andrews (ç 1640) but they actually do represent valid branches of the tree. That is what this page is. My parents were Loretta Pemberton and Dan Andrews. We have an extensive relationship within the Pemberton Family, and that relationship is mostly what is covered here. Dan Andrews married Loretta Pemberton.

This is an inelegant solution to a complex problem, but as webmaster, it is what I have chosen. The option was to eliminate the branch entirely, and I just didn’t feel like doing that. So….

… enjoy !


PLEASE NOTE: Constant revisions underway 🙂

Use the comment box at the bottom of each page to send additions or changes to this family web page.

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