KLAUS Family

Francis (Frank) Klaus married Inez (Nina) Pemberton. They had several children which are shown in the tree to the left.


Klaus Family History

Note from Natalie Klaus
Daughter of Kathy Klaus, Grandaughter of Frank Klaus and Inez (Nina) Pemberton

The family trees, Bibles, Virgin Antics, etc. are actually w/ my grandfather’s sister who is a Marynoll Sister in Tanzania, it was my German Uncle ‘swish she pass them on 2 me someday, as I know some of them (and read German).

When I was an exchange student I slept in my German great grandfather’s (Klaus) room. The records for both my German great grandparents are handwritten in ancient books in teeny tiny churches. My great grandfather’s 2 spinster sisters belonged to a single ladies club called “The Virgins of Hockenheim” and my uncle left me the minutes of their meetings πŸ™‚

Keep me posted! This would have interested Grammy when she was feeling better! She’s not feeling too well these days.

At the Underground Railroad/Freedom Center here in Cincinnati they have a genealogy exhibit. One can pay a large sum to have DNA tests run for family origin.

The Klaus Haus is still standing in Hockenheim, Germany. At one point my grandfather inherited it and sold it 2 his niece Resel (Klaus) and her husband.

I have none of the docs, just the memories and the stories from my year(s) there when I was 16 & 25. “That and that was bombed.” and “He knew your great grandfather.” My Aunt Resel made grenades along side forced Slavic laborers during WWII, while her later-to-be husband finished his year of Hitler Youth Service archiving books in Freiburg, Germanyand then went with the German Army to Russia. He was later imprisoned in an American camp and freed early under interesting circumstances.

When he and my Aunt got pregnant. The Klaus’ lived in American occupied Germany, and he in the French territory. He bribed a border guard with a very expensive bottle of wine and married Resel Klaus (the last German Klaus). They then began receiving visits from a young handsome American soldier, Mr. Francis Klaus (my dad) who had been stationed in France. Dad gave them his cigarette rations to buy potatoes.

There are like 100 more stories like that and I got to hear them in German and see the places. Good Times. They don’t make people like they use to . . .


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