LARGE Family

{ N }- Patriarch: Denny Large
(B) Oct 30, 1889
(Mar) Aug 29, 1910
(D) Dec 15, 1962

{ N }- Matriarch: Ida Belle Nunley
(B) Sept 16, 1893 in Boyd Co, KY
(Mar) Aug 29, 1910
(D) May 9, 1987

• { O }- (F) – Oleva Large
(B) ???
• { O }- (F) – Sarah M. Large (B) July 20, 1915
• { O }- (F) – Ella Large (B) April 14, 1918
Oleva is the Grandmother of Robert Andrews, webmaster of this site.

Children (and grandchildren) of Oleva, Sarah and Ella are shown on their own individual pages.

Summary: The parents of Denny Large and those of Ida Belle Nunley
each give birth to the Grandparents of Oleva Large. There is no lineage available at this time
for the Grandparents of Clinton Paul Pemberton.(GG GF) Charley Large (B) (D)
(GG GM) Viola (Harper) Large (B) (D)
– M: (G GF) Denny Large (Mar) Ida Bell Nunley (More info above)(GG GF) Hart Nunley (B) (D) (?!? Another note says “Nunley Allen” Can someone clarify this?)
(GG GM) Rebecca (Jenkins) Nunley (B) (D)
– F: (G GM) Ida Belle Nunley (Mar) Denny Large (More info above)

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