{ O }- Charley Pemberton

Charley Pemberton
Charley is as far back as we currently have in the Pemberton genealogy.

It is POSSIBLE that the legal name of Charley was Clinton P Pemberton, 1867-1945
Florida State Census

{ N }- Parents:
• Unknown

{ O }- (M) Charley Pemberton (B) ??? (D) ???

{ O }- (F) First Wife: Nancy (Moran) Pemberton
– (B) (D) (Mar)
{ O }- (F) Second Wife: Martha (Collins) Pemberton
– (B) (D) (Mar)

Children with Martha
{ P }- (M) – Clinton (Clint) Paul Pemberton

(Mar) Oleva Large
{ P }- (F) – Hazel Pemberton
(Mar) Dewey Heighton
{ P }- (F) – Ella Pemberton
(Mar) George Haas (More info above)
{ P }- (M) – Julius “Dude” Pemberton (Mar)
{ P }- (F) – Maude Pemberton (Mar) Wilson
{ P }- (F) – Stella Pemberton

Family folklore has Maude or Stella marrying a black man.
Clint blamed many of his problems because “… his sister married a N****!”

Clint (or was it Charley?) and Nancy (his first wife) MIGHT have been half brother and half sister. Note was scribbled. I also am showing no children between the two.

Another note mentions the name Collins, but I have no other information at this time.
Not sure about the Children’s List.


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