{ Q }- 1942 ? – Edgar Pemberton

Children of Oleva (Large) Pemberton
Oleva is the daughter of Denny Large and Ida Belle Nunley

{ O }- (F) } Oleva Large
{ O }- (M) Clinton Paul Pemberton

– { P }- Martha Pemberton
– (B) Jan 1931
– { P }- Loretta Pemberton
– (B) Mar 13, 1932
– { P }- Victor Pemberton
– (B) Sept 3, 1933
– { P }- Nina Pemberton
– (B) July 30, 1938
– { P }- Hazel Pemberton
– (B) Nov 26, 1939
– { P }- Edgar Pemberton
– (B) June 9, 1942
– { P }- Ella Pemberton
– (B) Aug 17, 1944
Oleva was my grandmother, and the hub for much of the content here.

Her progeny make up the Pemberton line of this site.

Edgar Pemberton (B) June 9, 1942 ? (D)

Marital Status

Edgar married Marcia Hoch in the mid 50’s.
Edgar was a mechanical engineer.

Marcia was a teacher.
The two had two children, David and Brent,
who have gone on to have families of their own.

Home phone: Info coming soon.
Mobile: Info coming soon.
eMail: EPemberton@RoadRunner.com.

Family Tree Information

Marcia’s parents were Paul Hoch and Elizabeth Bending

Paul’s parents were George Hoch and Emma Almendinger

Elizabeth’s parents were Bert Bending and Louise Vaughn

The great-grandparents are not known at this time,
but check back later, and we may have more information.

Brent joins the family

A visit with Loretta

Another visit

Formal portrait

Relaxing at home



Brent and David



Possibly the last time
we were all photographed together.

Oliva makes sure Ed is presentable

Edgar, Marcia and Brent
with sister Nina
and her husband Frank.
Family photos through the years
Edgar through the years



xxxxxxxxxxx Marie (Giles) Halpin

A bit about xxxxxxxxxxxA story or narrative about xxxxxxxxxxx

Contact Information:

Family Tree Information

Judith Marie (Giles) xxxxxxxxxxx
• Born: MMM DD, YYYY
• Married: MMM DD, YYYY to xxxxxxxxxxx

Virginia Giles (B) MMM DD, YYYY
Quayle Giles (B) MMM DD, YYYY

Gary Lee xxxxxxxxxxx (B) MMM DD, YYYY

Judith Marie xxxxxxxxxxx (B) MMM DD, YYYY

Jeffrey xxxxxxxxxxx (B) MMM DD, YYYY

Grandchildren are listed on the personal detail pages of the parent (above Children) with direct lineage to the Andrews family tree. Click the links above for more information about grand-children.

– M: Edgar Pemberton (B) June 9, 1932(D)
– (Mar) Marcia (Hoch) Pemberton (B) (D)
– – – M: Brent Pemberton (B) (D)
– – – (Mar) (B) (D)
– – – – – M: (B) (D)
– – – – – M: (B) (D)
– – – M: David Pemberton (B) (D)
– – – (Mar) (B) (D)
– – – – – M: (B) (D)
– – – – – M: (B) (D)

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