{ Q }- Pauline Haas

Pauline (Haas) Duvendeck

Summary: Clinton’s sister, Ella, has a daughter, which would be the cousin of our mother/father.

{ P }- Ella (Pemberton) Hass (B) ??? (D) ???
(Mar) George Haas

{ P }- George Hass (B) ??? (D) ??? when he was shot
George was the longest serving Sheriff in their area.

{ Q }-(F) Pauline (Haas) Duvendeck (B) ??? (D) ???
(Mar) Devendeck

Pauline (Haas) Duvendeck (B) (D)
(Mar) ??? Duvendeck (B) (D) when he was shot

George Hass (Haas ? ) was a notable figure. There may be reference to him in local papers. Help me out with the correct spelling of his last name.

{ O }- (M) Father:

{ O }- (F) Mother:

{ P }- None at this time

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